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"…the group’s recently released self-titled first album features nimble playing and skilled arrangements that convey a great enthusiasm for traditional Irish music." 

- 'Some Adapt Creatively to the Digital Revolution' by Daniel Neely, from The Irish Echo & New York Irish Arts Blog, June 2012

"Sets such as “Humours of Glynn/Jackie Small’s/Rolling Wave” and “Kennedy’s/Return to Camden Town/The Ragged Hank of Yarn” are vibrant and sure-footed, and tailored to fully reveal each tune’s character and personality."

'At a time of changing seasons, The Ivy Leaf seems to be on the cusp of its own transition' by Sean Smith for The Boston Irish Reporter, March 2012

Jamaica Plain Patch

Irish Massachusetts: March 9, March 28 


The Ivy Leaf is a young Boston-based traditional Irish band featuring fiddles, flute & whistle, concertina, bouzouki & guitar and vocals. Their debut album was released in 2012.

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